Delta Airlines carry passengers from all over the world to over 340 destinations. They provide world class service for about 60 countries in all six continents. Every year around 160 million travelers are benefited by their service, thus proving to be one of the World’s largest global airlines! Delta cargo and Delta Private Jets are some of their other airline services. Delta’s charter flights can accommodate to a maximum of 15 guests. One of their main highlight is that there are no fuel surcharges. There are no interchange fees for changing the jet size of your choice. Some of these amazing facts make this airline stand unique compared to other charter flights.

Sky Miles is a loyalty program for frequent flyers who travel through this airline. They earn points every time they fly the airline and this in turn provides them great discounts and special offers. They are given a greater priority while checking in, while claiming baggage and also while waiting in the lounge. They are treated with extra care both on the ground and in the air. It’s wonderful to be a part of the skyline medallion program!

All the information is available online in their official website for the ease of the traveler. Right from booking a flight, baggage information and the status of the flights, everything can be accessed on a single click! They do have more information on travel tips and special travel needs for the safe journey of the passenger. So, just book your tickets online in Delta Airline for a comfortable journey!